In Cotts' words...
What happened to you?!

Oh dear, what happened to the loveable comedy act that was Jonathan in the Mummy? Messing about and saving his sister etc.

He’s suddenly turned all evil and bloodthirsty in Spartacus!

How times have changed!!
Very good acting from John Hannah. I loved him in the Mummy and Mummy Returns but absolutely despise him as Batiatus in Spartacus. Noone messes with my Sparta.


My latest obsession is Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
Didn’t think I’d particularly like it but I love it. Obviously, seeing the wonderful Andy Whitfield helps. His eyes and the emotion he shows behind them is amazing. He plays the part beautifully.
Managed to go through nearly the whole season in a couple of days. Not sure how the next season will be without the brilliant Whitfield though…